Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Etsy Weekend

Another weekend is here of sales and new listings on Etsy. For my short time of being a member of Etsy, I noticed some very unique art and craft. Things I never imagine could be handmade. I pay visits to a number of shops on a daily basis and admire the creativity of human beings. Below you will find a couple of shops and some of their beautiful and adorable displays. Please take a peak and shop. Lots of sales and new listings.

 Peach Quilled Magnet       Red Flowers Card      Festive Paper Beads

Blue And Yellow Crystal  Bracelet        Tanzanite and Black Crystal Earrings      Free Shipping - Blue Painted Glass Bead Necklace

Ebony Swirl Earrings, Black and Silver Glass Beaded      Tiger Tail Peach and Black Glass Beaded Bracelet        Lava Lust, Red Glass and Plastic Beaded Bracelet

Here are some of my newest listings:

Sterling Silver and Lampwork - Earthly      Sterling Silver Lampwork - Flower in Bloom     Sterling Silver Green with Red Flowers - Flower Bed

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend.